President’s Point

It is absolutely critical that we have someone step up to the plate for President.  We have a major decision to make on whether to stay in Local Option or go back into the UniServ program. I consider our budget as only a minor part of that choice.  The most important part is who will be our next LRC (Labor Relations Consultant.) This is a person who our next President will rely on immensely. Our LRC is who we look to for advice on all the serious issues.  Not to mention bargaining! Now that we have mentioned bargaining, we will be doing that again next year. We need new vision and leadership at the top of CEA!

Did you know as the new President you can appoint new committee members and the Public Relations Chair?  Additionally, there will most likely be a vacancy in the position of VP that you will need to fill.  My point is that the team our new President has to work with is largely up to the new President.  There are many positions in which a member could build support around themselves as the new leader of our UNION.
P.S. If you thought this was short, wait ’til we have no President to write the President’s Point.  It will be really short and will take a really long time to get!