After leading the state in percentage of members(92%) contributing to FCPE two years ago we fell to second place last year with 88%(first place was 89%).  However, just a few years ago near 90% was unheard of across all of OEA.  Our high percentages in CEA the past few years have really driven other locals to step up their numbers as well.  Thank you to all who contribute!

FCPE is the Fund for Children and Public Education.  It is OEA’s PAC fund and goes to support legislators who support us in what we do everyday.

President’s Point

Well, one quarter is in the books. It has been a very interesting beginning to the year. I know I have had some ups and downs in the classroom and out.  Hopefully, you have been mostly on the ups! This year we need to make sure we are staying together and working together. With all the changes, being unified will be very helpful.

I want to remind everyone of a website that will be helpful to visit before you vote in the coming weeks. The site is ohioballot.com and will have all of the OEA endorsed candidates for this election season.  This year there are important races from the top of the ticket to the bottom. Starting with the governor’s race all the way down to the Ohio School Board. From FitzGerald to less know Kim Redfern(candidate for school board) this year’s elections will be very important.

Remember SB5 and vote your profession!

-Joel Gleason